Pandemonia Drawing

Artists Statment

“I created Pandemonia from mass media imagery, then fed her back to the very same media. She is like a modern day Trojan Horse. On the surface she is the consumerist vision in person; forever young, tall and glossy etc. Under the veneer, the work promotes discourse; a dismantling of that same image. She is an allegory for living in the 21st century and operates in the social sphere. She is democratic because it is the public that made her. People vote for her with their camera phones. Her image has spread virally around the world.”

Pandemonia in the Star

About Pandemonia

Created mid 2000s by an anonymous London artist, Pandemonia is a multi-media conceptual Art project centered around a female motif constructed from symbols and archetypes.  Pandemonia is a vessel for the artist to travel through society, and pass through the media eye into the intersubjective world of myth and brand. Through public interventions, Pandemonia is absorbed by the media complex, appearing in print magazines, film, social media and major product advertisements, all to reach and effect public consciousness. In addition, using her celebrity life as a narrative, the London artist inhabits
Pandemonia to create a wide range of Art and product that reflects and comments on 21st century life.

Pandemonia PPQ

Artists Biog

Advertising Interventions

2018 VIP.Com
2017 Missguided advertising
2016 Camper Advertising Campaign


2018 ITS Clubhouse “Fresh Legs”  Street Art show, Prints & Photographs.

2018 LA Art Show. “FlashBulb”  Sculpture & performance.

2016 Painting collaboration with Olha Pryymak Herick Gallery, London.
2015 Pride Art Backside. Exhibited “Cover Girl Print” Print. Isis Phonex Arts, London.
2015 The Other side exhibition. Exhibited Sculpture. Pose 1. Chelsea Arts Club, London


Absolutely Fabulous The Movie 2017


2018 Brix & The Extricated Valentino Pop Video.
2014 Alaska Y Coronos. Interview Spain.


2010 – 2017 London Fashion Week S/S A/W.
2017 NYC Fashion week.
2017 Brussels Affordable Art Fair.
2017 Euro Star Performance.
2017 Art Car Boot Fair.
2016 Botticelli V&A
2016 Paris Fashion Week Cat Walk.
2016 Shenzhen Fashion Week China.
2016 Art Basel Hong Kong.
2016 Art Basel Switzerland.
2016 Artist as Entrepreneur Panel Discussion.
2015 Art 15 Performance with Art Critic Edward Lucy 2015 Smith “Pandemonia is is present” London.
2014 Prague Fashion Week.
2013 Sao Paulo Fashion Week
2013 – 2017 Frieze Art London .
2011 Monsters in Fashion Athens. Opening Exhibition. Atapos Art collective.

Book Articles

Not a Toy. Atapos.
Play with me: Dolls, Women, Art. Grace Banks