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Interview: Pandemonium over Pandemonia

On initial sightings of Pandemonia last season, I originally popped her into my ‘weird and wonderful fashion week file’ and thought nothing of it. After further research I realised that this is not just style for the sake of style, this is art.

Pandemonia is a seven ft tall walking, talking work of art. Often seen on the front row and at the biggest parties and events, Pandemonia was inspired by the superficial world of fame and the ideals that surround society’s views of ‘the perfect woman’. Upon finding that she was in fact an artist and reading about her inspiration I knew I simply had to talk to the lady herself to find out a little more about the artist, the art work and those outfits…


Pandemonia stands in front of her artist prints.

Showing a progression of ideas from 2D abstract to 3D character work.

Coco: Please can you tell us a little about the Pandemonia piece/project?

Pandemonia: I am a conceptual Post Pop Artist. I show my work and ideas in the Public Social Space.

As well as being seen at many events I am also doing a sculpture show later in the year.

C: What influenced you to start Pandemonia’s life and when did it begin?

P: Advertising was a big influence on me. I constructed myself on all those ideals. I have been developing my ideas for a few years.

People need to see things more than any time before. I took my art work out of the gallery and put it into the Public Social Space. My work both interacts with people and describes our world. The virtual world is getting more important. My work has relevance on line as well as off line.

C: Do you dress like this all of the time? Even on Sunday hangover days, or to pop for a pint of milk?

P: Oh, Pandemonia’s always dressed. Up keeping my appearance is a big responsibility. I never need to shop for mundane stuff, someone else does all that stuff.


C: David Bowie in the Ziggy Stardust days or Lady Gaga?

P: David Bowie is great. Lady Gaga is more current.

Paloma Faith

C: What’s on your iPod right now?

P: Paloma Faith! I met her last week and I’m checking out her music. She’s so talented.

C: Who is the most inspiring person you’ve met?

P: I’m more inspired by what’s going on. The worlds remoulding itself so quickly at the moment. Just look at twitter. Global Village is here right now. Mcluhan got it right again.

C: What’s your guilty pleasure?

P: Mr Sheen. You won’t repeat that will you. (My favourite answer)

C: How many pet dogs (of the inflatable kind) do you have or is there only one Snowball?

P: Snowball!…. that’s a cute nickname. I’ve only one dog and he’s called Snowy. I might actually start calling him Snowball now. You know dogs are great, they really break the ice with people. I say…. more facilities for dogs!


C: What do you really think of celebrities? Is the project to mock celebrities or to mock our view of perfection- or both?

P: I let someone else do the thinking. I’m just offering a cartoon parody of the world.

C: Do you ever get punctures? If so how does one recover from this?

P: I was doing a Haitian charity event last year and my speech bubble “?!?” burst. I made a swift exit back to Pandemonia Central. (Secret Central London Location)

C: Where do you shop for your looks?

P: I don’t! I design and make everything myself.

I simply love Pandemonia. Anyone who is out there and getting recognised for their work and originality is an inspiration. Keep up to date with her adventures and work on her blog.

Check out her website here.

Check out her exhibition later in the year here.

Many thanks to P for your time, see you next season!


Catherine Fuller

Catherine Fuller