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In Conversation: Pandemonia + Olga Lomaka

Kensington & Chelsea Art Weekend. 45 minute discussion and Q&A from KCAW Program June 2019. Orlan, Grayson Perry and even Dali with his instantly recognisable moustache and abstract performances in film, have an extended image beyond the canvas. Have they themselves become an artwork? We meet Pandemonia and Olga Lomaka, both creating a vision beyond […]


Pandemonia Prints

Original article Southern Metroplis Weekly June 2018. Discussing key Ideas and Art concepts for Chinese readers, Journalist Jiaqi Han Interviews Pandemonia. Southern Weekly (literally Southern Weekend; simplified Chinese: 南方周末; traditional Chinese: 南方週末; pinyin: Nánfāng Zhōumò), is a weekly newspaper based in Guangzhou, China, and is a sister publication of the newspaper Southern Daily (simplified Chinese: 南方日报; […]

Posture Magazine

Pandemonia posture mag

Posture magazine Issue 4 2017. Pandemonia In today’s world of hyper-connectivity, the new status of instantaneous celebrity has never been so coveted or easy to achieve. It’s a new age phenomenon and no one parodies it better than the living, breathing latex-clad conceptual work of art known as Pandemonia. By creating a plastic, inflatable character, […]

Metal Mag

Pandemonia Metal Mag

Life in Plastic: Metal No38 A/W 2017 PANDEMONIA: Photography by Alessandro Raimondo: Words by Rocío Garrido Rus Masking is inherently strategic, and all strategy has a purpose. Erving Goffman one of the most influential sociologists in the 20th century, already claimed that the way we act in social settings mimics the way actors face an […]

EL Mundo


Trendstagram  Origional article: El Mundo 4th April 2017   ¿Una muñeca, una persona? No, es ¡Pandemonia!` @therealpandemonia Era un domingo cualquiera cuando Pandemonia apareció en mi vida y dejó de ser un día cualquiera. Abrí la puerta y allí estaba ella. Descontextualizada en la realidad. La había visto en su Instagram pero era mucho más impresionante […]

Pagina 12: látex viste a la moda

Argentine article Pagina 12: 24th February 2017 Origional article: Pagina 12 látex viste a la moda. Google translate version: in English El látex viste a la moda Por Ignacio D’Amore Parte muñeca humana, parte performer, parte objeto de culto, Pandemonia es hoy figura esencial de las escenas fashion y del arte británicos de los últimos […]

Russh Magazine

Rush magazine

Russh Magazine: Portrait of a Lady.March 2017, PORTRAIT OF A LADY Intrigued? You should be. Pandemonia lets us behind the latex. words Miranda Darling. It’s impossible not to stare at Pandemonia. Some do it covertly from behind their cup of tea, their sunglasses … most don’t bother to hide their interest in the two-metre-tall latex […]