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Standing tall, slender, blonde and shiny – she grabs wolf whistles from admiring builders as she struts down the street. Spotted on the front row and featured in everything from iD to Vogue Italia. Pandemonia is not a new IT girl or rock star offspring – turn – model. Covered head to toe in latex she is a living, breathing walking, talking piece of post – modern art. Perplexed and fascinated, IDOL asks who is Pandemonia.
Photography by Elliot Morgan.


For those who may not know, who is Pandemonia?

Pandemonia is A Post Pop Artist. She is that “7th tall slim, shiny, Blonde” that has been at all the best events over the last year. She always has the most striking looks and gets constantly photographed.

What do you wish to achieve through Pandemonia?

To reach as many people as possible. I see myself as a story, a work in progress. News items need a story. It’s not enough to have a strong image you need the narrative to go with it. The best way to reach people is to be the story. I am a story with legs.

What was the inspiration behind this?

Watching perfect lives on the screen. Chasing “The Big Other”, the unobtainable.

Why did you choose to display your artwork in this way?

I present myself as a celebrity, after all is not celebrity the currency all the world over? To me it makes sense to cut out the middle man and show my work directly to the public. It’s the interaction between myself and the public that becomes interesting.

My photographs look good because I am all image. I am a product. My product is an idea, you can get it in an instant. I think I look best when I’m photographed in the media. What better way is there to comment on celebrity than to be in the very same publications they are in.

Last weeks Alex Reid fiasco in the tabloids is a good example. I hope Katie Price didn’t suddenly go blonde on my account. They blew the story totally out of proportion.

Your name appears to be derived from the word pandemonium, what was the meaning behind the choice?

Pandemonium means chaos. Out of chaos comes creativity. Besides you should see the pandemonium I create amongst the photographers when I turn up.

You make all your clothes yourself – how many outfits do you have?

Yes I make everything myself, I call them “Art creations”. They are more than “clothes” they are “political expressions”. They are symbols of lifestyle and aspiration. My appearance points to the manufactured ideal.

How many do I have? Not nearly enough!

How do you feel you have you been received by the general public, industry and the media?

Amazement, bemusement I’ts all the same to me. I do get photographed a lot by the public. They are fascinated by what I am doing.

The Fashion industry has been giving me front row tickets to London Fashion week and various private parties. Acne gave me tickets to their London Fashion Week show at Kensington Palace. I guess someone there likes me.

Over the last year I have been gaining more and media attention. One magazine said “Pandemonia A Messiah sent to earth by Andy Warhol” That’s a good media endorsement.

What is your perception on women and how they are portrayed in the media and

That’s a complicated subject. It depends where and who they are being portrayed by. Generally women are shown from a man’s point of view. A lot of adverts encourage insecurities simply to shift more products.

If you ruled the world what would it be like?

It would be “Plastic Fantastic!” Of course.

If you were to hold a dinner party would be your 12 guests?

Salvador Dali Just because…
Paris Hilton I havan’t met her yet
Tracey Emin For some Art

Vivienne Westwood For fashion Tips
Andy Warhol It will be the only way I’ll get to speak to him

Mae West For entertainment

J Joplin Sales
Robert Crumb He likes cartoons.
Banksy So curious to know who he is.
Muhammad Ali I already have is autograph
Cruella D-evil Don’t you all just love villains

What’s the one thing you would never leave home without?

A decent pair of shoes!

IDOL sees you as modern art- how do you define yourself?

I’m just an artist doing my thing. My works is actually quite traditional.
I am exploring the meanings of things that drive our lives.

What is the future of Pandemonia?

Next year I am doing a sculpture show. It is going to be a continuation of my ideas, a blend of commercialism, fashion and art. I am actively looking for a sponsorship. I am taking it to the next level.

What message would Pandemonia ultimately like to leave the world?

Someone who explored the meaning things. Questions who are we?

“Who are you?” To be able to get people to think about who they are and what motivates them would be a good legacy.

Who is your IDOL?

Oh Paris Hilton! of course! Just a flick of her hair creates a tornado on the other side of the world. Now that’s what I call the Butterfly effect. If only Edward Lorenz could have witnessed that.


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  1. Mark Belan says:

    Interviews like this are ones that are going to propel you and your work. To get such insight into your thoughts is such a privelege, and it makes me respect your work sooo much more when I learn your aspirations and intentions.
    Absolutely fascinating. I LOVE when you do these kinds of interviews!
    And the pictures are divine!
    All the best!

    P.S.- Can I be your twelfth guest?! You only named 11! 😀 We'll throw the art/fashion world over!

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