Social whirl

Independent Magazine 8th October 2011

Social Whirl Dafydd Jones

Deja vu

Isn’t she perfect? There isn’t a hint of age on Jerry Hall’s face. That Blonde swoosh of hair swept around her smooth features is just impeccably glossy, aren’t her flame-red lips amazingly drawn? And doesn’t look a day over – hang on. Is that a plastic dog on her knee? On closer inspection…..

Security! Imposter! And sitting so Brazenly beside the real deal, too, calmly sipping champagne (while wearing rubber). That takes nerve. Jerry needs to get a copyright on her look, pronto. Oh, and get herself a fake Scottie.

Pandemonia and Jerry Hall at the Macmillan De’Longhi Art Auction, Bonhams, in London.

Words by Jocasta Jones