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Vaga magazie

Issue One of Vaga magazie “In Love with a Teenager” “Pandemonia A Messiah sent to earth by Andy Warhol” by Fernando Lahoz. Extracts from the three page article…. F: Why do you think people are so interested in you? P: Pandemonia is tall, glamorous, slim and shiny. I am an advert for the aspirations of […]

iD 2009

ID magazine Pandemonia

Interviewed by Holly Shackleton in The Flesh and Blood Issue of iD magazine 2009 , pages 24 – 26 Winter 2009. Photos taken by Peter Ashworth . The Marlboro image “IN” was taken outside a Texaco Petrol Garage in North London. Transcript of the iD interview Text: Holly ShackletonPhotography: Peter Ashworth PANDEMONIA Is an Inflatable […]