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Self Styled London

Text & editor YOANNA

A documentation of some of the most stylish and individual people. Do you dare to be different! Photography by Anthony Lycett. All photographs are Self Styled!

Photo of Pandemonia

Anthony Lycett talks to Vision Magazine about his project.


Vision: How did you come up with the idea of shooting Self Styled London?

Anthony: I had seen some style books produced that included my friends and other people I had photographed before. I felt that these photos were soul-less, it was about what they were wearing but nothing more. I wanted to start something where I could document these people and at the same time capture an essence of their personality. I had always been interested in individuality and people whose style is part of their lifestyle, not trend followers, not dressing up but getting dressed!

Vision: How did you choose the person you shoot for the project?

Anthony: Finding the right people for this project was not easy, I look at the people who really live their style 24/7, these are the unique people, most of the time people are recommend to me by friends who understand what I’m looking for.

Vision: To you what is the style of London?

Anthony: Anything goes in London that is why people come from around the globe to settle in this city, you can be whoever you want to be without being judged, so I guess you could say the style of London is freedom!   Vision: What kind of personality will attract you to get to know the person and catch him/her in the camera?

Anthony: The people I’m drawn to have a special atmosphere about them, I guess I like those people who have a little eccentricity in life, this helps them to have a ‘I don’t care what you think’ attitude but not in a diva way.

Vision: Where would you recommend as the best place in London for meeting cool people and having fun?

Anthony: East London, it’s really all about the East. Areas like Dalston, London fields with Broadway market, the classics like Hoxton and Shoreditch with Brick Lane and Columbia flower market never disappoint at the weekends. It’s where you will find the ‘Hipsters’ of London.

Photo of Ben Westwood

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