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Pandemonia Prints

Original article Southern Metroplis Weekly June 2018. Discussing key Ideas and Art concepts for Chinese readers, Journalist Jiaqi Han Interviews Pandemonia. Southern Weekly (literally Southern Weekend; simplified Chinese: 南方周末; traditional Chinese: 南方週末; pinyin: Nánfāng Zhōumò), is a weekly newspaper based in Guangzhou, China, and is a sister publication of the newspaper Southern Daily (simplified Chinese: 南方日报; […]

Metal Mag

Pandemonia Metal Mag

Life in Plastic: Metal No38 A/W 2017 PANDEMONIA: Photography by Alessandro Raimondo: Words by Rocío Garrido Rus Masking is inherently strategic, and all strategy has a purpose. Erving Goffman one of the most influential sociologists in the 20th century, already claimed that the way we act in social settings mimics the way actors face an […]

British Council Interview

British council

Living artist existing on the dividing line between reality and myth. h8h8oY?color2=FBE9EC&rel=0&showsearch=0&showinfo=0&version=3″ /> British Council Interview Pandemonia at the pop art room of the Thyssen Museum in Madrid.

TAINT Magazine

TAINT: the intersection between art and politics number one: the gender issue summer 2014 Pandemonia INTERVIEW BY NIALL UNDERWOODPHOTOS BY LOUIE BANKS http://www.taintmag.com/ Purchase your copy from http://taintmag.bigcartel.com/ Please could you start by telling us a little bit about what you do. I am a Fine Artist. The role of the artist is a unique […]


PUPMAG issue 2 Summer 2014. 15 minutes. Photo: Romy Treebusch PandemoniaArtist “I created Pandemonia from mass media imagery, then fed her back to the very same media. She is like a modern day Trojan Horse. On the surface she is the consumerist vision in person; forever young, tall and glossy etc. Under the veneer, the […]

NRC next… The modern Trojan horse

NRC next interview by Christel Don English Google translation I am the modern Trojan horse She goes through life in a large latex suit / / And give her true identity / / What do accomplish this British living work of art ? Saturday, May 17, 2014 She is more than two meters long , […]

Tush Magazine


Pandemonia models for Tush Magazine Summer issue 2013. The Electric Issue. Tush Explore the theme of eclecticism. Photos Armin Morbach. Sunglasses & Collar CHRISTIAN DIOR Clutch GUGGI Hat PIERS ATKINSON Glasses ANDY WOLF Bag LOUIS VUITTON Shoes VIVIENNE WESTWOOD for MELISSA Glasses LINDA FARROW for AGENT PROVOCATEUR Necklace BALLY Plastic Dress YAZBUKEY Ring DELFINA DELETREZ […]


LIVING POP ART: PANDEMONIA By: Laura Collinson Origional article: To Be Continued Magazine   Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past year, you’ll have seen Pandemonia. Since her emergence onto the fashion scene in 2007, Pandemonia has attracted attention across the globe- mostly the attention of confused onlookers who are quite unsure […]